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Fast Growth Icons is the invitation-only network for well-established, fast-growing businesses. The network brings together the founders and CEOs of later-stage startups to discuss the practical realities of building a $100m+ revenue business.

To qualify as a member, companies have to show considerable traction in terms of revenue, users or funding. The typical member has revenues in excess of $15m per annum, and is growing at over 50% per annum.

In the past several years, Europe has been challenging the success of Silicon Valley and maturing into a vibrant tech ecosystem. VCs from across the globe recognise the potential of many European tech hubs such as Berlin, London, Paris and Amsterdam.

Europe has been producing successful startups for many years now, however, the hurdles that we face of growing a $100m+ business are still very high and Europe is playing catch up with the US in the unicorn creation tables.

Exclusive Events
Fast Growth Icons is helping to bridge this gap from medium to large-scale businesses. By coming together with other fast growing businesses across Europe, we can share practical insights and experiences through exclusive events focusing on targeted discussion and networking.

Ben Fletcher, the founder of Fast Growth Icons, said “We welcome Prodicom as a member and congratulate them for being selected – this is a really impressive achievement. We look forward to seeing their business flourish in the future.”

Fast Growth Icons event

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