Server – Desktop – Application


From our beginning virtualization is imprinted at our core fibre at Prodicom. Our true second nature. We have built ourselves as vendor independent partner covering all best of breed vendors on the market. We have unparallel experience in delivering solutions based on VMware, Citrix and Microsoft in all major areas of virtualization, no matter if it is Server, Desktop or Application virtualization.


Server Virtualization

We specialise in highly complex large-scale virtualization solutions in on-premise, hybrid and Cloud models. Our strategic approach and operational framework focusses on the best possible solution for on-premise scenarios and Cloud transition models from envisioning phase to operate phase. We guide our customers through complete Cloud transformation process regardless of complexity. During the migration process we keep in mind high availability and continuity for uninterrupted service availability for your business.


Desktop virtualization

In lowering your operational costs of high maintenance in the physical client environment, VDI comes as a natural solution in “anywhere anytime anyplace” model. Whether it comes to shared or full VDI solutions based on VMware, Citrix or Microsoft, we deliver high-end solutions to fit our customer needs best. From envisioning through monitoring to operate phases, we transform our customers from static to dynamic and flexible organisations.


Application virtualization

A very special area for us at Prodicom. While almost all major players on the market are offering Application virtualization tools, the operational costs of such tools are significant. In conjunction with our partner, we at Prodicom are delivering cutting edge second generation Application Virtualization platform. Prodicom Apps lowers your operational costs by solving problems with legacy applications. We offer a container solution for all your end of life, end of support or technical restricted applications. Prodicom Apps minimizes security risks, patching cycles and significantly reduces packaging times and administrative overheads in IT environments.


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