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Social responsibility of Prodicom

Director Joppe van de Straat: “Entrepreneurship is in my blood. Setting up new initiatives, bringing people together and building something beautiful from scratch. Indeed, I took it as a self-evident challenge to critically assess Prodicom’s role in this world.

Prodicom endorses various charity causes, such as Join 4 Energy, for which I even scaled the Mont Ventoux in support of kids with a muscular disease. Prodicom also embraced the philosophy of the Stichting ICT vanaf Morgen (Dutch for “The ICT after Tomorrow Foundation”) and we try to raise awareness about sustainability among our clients.” 


Making the chain more sustainable – Stichting ICT Vanaf Morgen

Many raw materials are still being extracted by children in the mining industry and under harsh conditions.

Hardware producers haven’t provided a lot of statistics on these production processes. We do however know that it takes almost 1500 litres of water and large quantities of poisonous chemicals to produce one single computer.

Furthermore recycling is only taking place on a very small scale. Much of the ICT waste is being shipped to Africa, where children extract the valuable materials using gas torches. In addition to explosions, during the process the chemicals release toxic gasses that are very harmful for these children’s health.

Prodicom cannot identify with this and called to life Stichting ICT Vanaf Morgen in order to bring about a structural change for the best. It is Stichting ICT Vanaf Morgen’s mission to create transparency in the chain, to raise awareness and to strive for social reuse, and were this is not possible to promote the responsible recycling of as much of the materials used as possible.

Would you like to know more about Stichting ICT Vanaf Morgen or would you like to donate your old hardware? Check out the website of ICT vanaf Morgen.



Prodicom supports various charities. For example, Prodicom sponsored Atakan Tatum for the charity Kiki. We helped with the preparations for the International Children Games and showeds our sports heart with the sponsorship of Dutch champion ultra running Arenda Scherpenkate.

Would you like to know how you can contribute? Contact Prodicom.

In addition to financing Stichting ICT Vanaf Morgen, Prodicom also regularly endorses sports events whenever the revenues go to charity causes.

Would you like to know more about the Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship policy of Prodicom? Contact us.

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