Custom capacity

Custom capacity

Staffing is the solution to your need for ICT-specialists. In addition to our 75 certified engineers, Prodicom can also provide experienced ICT program and project managers.

You’re short of knowledge and capacity? Prodicom offers the opportunity to temporarily hire a specialist to deal with peaks in your workload. Once the peak is over, the knowledge will be transferred and the additional capacity will be downscaled quickly. No long-term contracts, no long training periods, just some additional knowledge and capacity when you need it.

This way Prodicom takes away your worries and you cut down on your expenses.

Working with professionals

Prodicom engages professionals with a high level of knowledge by taking care of all the side-matters as a collective. Many self-employed professionals are done with all those middlemen, having to negotiate contracts, having to sell yourself time and again, no transparency on rates. In short, there are plenty of reasons why self-employed professionals would like to work with a single fixed business partner. Additionally we organise knowledge-sessions at our partners, we organise events and we arrange discounts for trainings / lease cars.

And the most important thing? It enables us to know exactly who we’re working with and we can always guarantee that our professionals are highly skilled as well as simply nice people to work with.

Prodicom IT Staffing
Prodicom Flexibele schil

Flexible shell

We believe in the power of a flexible shell when it comes to innovation, effectiveness and availability. Prodicom worked this out to great detail and we are able to build a flexible shell around your organisation.

We know from experience that if you only need knowledge for a few days, the process of hiring this knowledge is very long and inefficient. Assessing CVs and taking interviews with candidates is a time-consuming process.

That’s why Prodicom has the flexible shell: Custom knowledge and capacity, just when you need it. We will often send the same engineers, so that you know who exactly you’re working with and our people know the environment.  This extension piece for your client makes it possible to quickly upscale capacity and to save time over the entire hiring process.

Prodicom as a knowledge partner for both the long and the short term.

View our customer cases on our flexible shell.

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