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Ensuring quality

Our Method

Operational Framework

Our Operational Framework is sum of our experience, completely customer orientated framework to ensure the highest quality in project delivery for our customers through all three phases. Devised from customer feedback’s in our goal to always improve ourselves and stay focused on customer satisfaction. Risk mitigation techniques are a basis in each and every initiation phase in our approach, and our direct communication is a core tool in the decision-making process in how to mitigate identified risks with the best possible result for our customers.


The planning phase consists of three distinguished processes. Envision, Evaluate and Design, where we define all project parameters. From project initiation to project governance, from internal IT capabilities to vertical infrastructure readiness. Focusing on a best possible solution to High-Level Design and Low-Level Design processes to best fit our customer capabilities, needs, commercial values and business to IT improvements. The prepare process is where all the project parameters are defined and where delivery is about to take place.


Deliver phase is usually most visible and viable phase of the Operational Framework. Deploy, Enable, Awareness and Tuning processes make sure all KPI’s and deliverables are delivered on time and with high-quality. All tests in pre-production environments are conducted in the extent to testing scenarios before at scale deployment in production takes place. We help internal IT to do end user awareness of new services deployed and boost service usage through training and communication matrix. Finally, to make sure optimal performance takes place, we fine-tune service when real workload sets.


Operate phase consists of Run, Support and Monitor process. From day to day support, in a post-project phase where we make sure your business as usual is to focus on IT that matters, to detailed hawk eye perspective monitoring of implemented services. Each of our projects has warranty period defined in envision phase depending on the complexity of the project itself. During the support process, we help our customer to capture and solve problems and troubleshoot new or ongoing cases.

Strategic Partnerships

As Prodicom stand for Professional Direct Communication, the partnership is our defining value. In any given chance, we always build long lasting partnerships with all our customers through dedication, our unique approach and completely transparent communication. Our people thrive in solving the most complex IT challenges; our motivation comes from your satisfaction. We are Centre of Excellence with exceptionally broad knowledge and experience. Our strategic, tactical and operational knowledge includes consulting, support, implementation & delivery of IT infrastructure and Cloud platforms, regardless of technology or vendor. We are constantly innovating, improving and transferring knowledge along the way, which is why our customers always create long lasting relationships with us.

We aim to reduce your operational cost by positioning ourselves as strategic axis alongside your IT. Translating your business needs into best-fitted IT solutions for your organisation while keeping in mind your growth, commercial capabilities, in-house capabilities, existing solutions already deployed and your end-user satisfaction. We want to provide you with the ability to focus on your business growth so you can rest assured your business requirements will always be met and future proofed so that you can focus on “IT that matters”. Managing the rapidly evolving world of IT and staying ahead of the competition by deploying the latest and best-fitted technologies for your business requires time and research. As a Strategic Partner with Prodicom, we are your sparring partner in any IT decision you make.

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