Professionals who communicate


Prodicom is short for “Professionals Die Communiceren”, Dutch for “Professionals who Communicate”.

Communication is what we’re all about. Both with your colleagues and the customers and end-users. In the end, what IT is all about, is making life easier. Offering a solution that makes your work easier to do. The stereotype IT professional who cannot communicate and cannot create support within the organisation is not present at Prodicom.

As an IT knowledge partner, Prodicom adds value by offering quality solutions. This allows companies to fully focus on their core activities.

Prodicom delivers vision and knowledge in the following solution areas:

Our solution portfolio includes:

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Mission and Vision

While our corporate mission outlines the fundamental principles that guide strategic choices, a strategic vision outlines the desired future where Prodicom wants to arrive. Our vision offers a business ambition while our mission contains our business principles.

At the heart of our mission at Prodicom is our organisation goal. We want to be a connecting partner and provide tailor-made knowledge. Our organisational views are based on our standards and values: open, honest and transparent. Prodicom stands for Professionals who Communicate.

With our vision, we want to unite employees, suppliers and customers in one common goal. This goal is to provide a portfolio of services that “helps people” to resolve complex challenges of today and tomorrow in an uncomplicated way.

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