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Prodicom belongs to the top 754 fastest growing companies of the Netherlands: the FD Gazellen 2017.

The FD Gazellen is a yearly growth competition of the “Financieele Dagblad” (FD), a Dutch financial newspaper. There are 137 more companies in the list than last year. Fast growing companies are mostly found in the corporate services, IT and online shopping.

136% growth
The fast growing companies saw their turnover increase with an average of 136% in the last 3 years. According to the research of FD these companies invest around 6% of their turnover into innovation. That’s a lot, compared to the average companies in the Netherlands who spend only 2,1% on R&D.

The FD Gazellen in numbers
The 754 companies in the list provide a fair contribution to the economy in absolute terms. Together they account for 11.7 billion sales, with a turnover of almost 3 million. Over 51,000 employees work for the Gazelles.

Award ceremony
The award ceremony of the FD Gazellen is held in Leiden on Tuesday 14 November. In addition to the prices for all FD Gazelles, nine prices will be distributed for the fastest growers by region. We will keep you informed if Prodicom is still in the prices.

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