Communication is what we’re all about. Both with your colleagues and the customers and end-users.

Our close team is located at the edge of beautiful Alkmaar. We have lunch together, have dicussions at the pinball machine and on Friday afternoon we bring out the special beers.

Our aim is to expand our knowledge house into a fortress that you cannot ignore, and we are well on the way to realizing this.

Why choose Prodicom?
A little loyalty goes a long way. Prodicom has a lot to offer. We value our attention for your growth and development. Together, we come up with a personalized annual plan in which we translate your wishes, ambitions and knowledge into solid goals, training and support that we can offer from Prodicom.

While our team grows, our collective also grows. For our Prodicom family we organize several social events every year, where you can catch up and get to know all our professionals. This varies from having dinner to our annual Prodicom winter sport weekend.

Are you interested and want to know what your future at Prodicom might look like? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to talk to you.

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