Even voorstellen: Miikka Arala, Chief Customer Officer bij Prodicom

Pleasure to meet you. I joined Prodicom in February to lead the organization to a customer-centric approach. What does this mean? That we put the customer in the center of internal process design: where is value added and where can we simplify our customer life? In turn it creates predictable behavior that ensures a high quality and enjoyable experience, whether with marketing, sales or our engineering. Every time, all the time.

In my previous life I accumulated circa 20 years in international roles in consulting, sales, marketing and channel leadership positions based in Netherlands, UK, and the Middle East. The main focus was design SaaS/software for industries such as construction, civil engineering, architecture, manufacturing and media & entertainment. I really enjoy pulling together various disciplines and backgrounds to build and execute long term initiatives to tackle hairy challenges, that upon resolution provide a longer term, permanent improvement to the position of an organization, or a customer. This is also what I see Prodicom has in their DNA given the long-term service agreements, especially now with our governmental, healthcare and other organizations active in saving the world from viruses.

Yet the big pull for me to join Prodicom is clearly the core values, and how transparently and ‘doe maar normal’ the organization operates. What you see is what you get! Very healthy and this is what you’d expect from your family and trusted ones as well, so why not from business? In addition to that I am amazed about the diversity and energy of the professionals and ZZP’ers, and the critical importance of the projects they work on.

In my free time I enjoy fast-paced winter and water sports, but also the more relaxed ones like reading, spending time with our little dog, and a bit of gaming.